Whether it’s about children or people who have difficult times adapting to the world, a good social trainer is always needed in every sphere of our lives. The core social skills would be conflict resolution, good and healthy sportsmanship, cooperation, communication, and participation or engaging in any social activities with other participants.

These are the most important skills that every human being should be able to conduct, no matter the age. Helping people lead their lives is part of living and that is why having studies like this one is very important for the overall prosperity of us as a race and species. It is noble too. There is nothing more important in this world than to help out another human being who cannot do it by themselves.

This manual is supposed to help the future social trainers how empathy and promotion of emotional understanding are absolutely crucial in order to successfully help those in need. It is important to learn how self control can be a crucial factor in effectively coping with everyday social stressors. Through session sets, the trainers will be able to explain to their participants how implementing these factors is crucial to their overall well-being. This will be the foundation on which they will start building their new lives one step at the time.

The manual is nothing more than a comprehensive retrospective of how to teach the students to easily develop communication and social skills and help them to use these skills in order to effectively overcome the daily obstacles. Not only that students will develop certain skills but their mentors and tutors as well.

By doing this, all individuals will evolve into something better by sharing the mutual empathy and knowledge. Skills will pass onto others and thus, a circle of socially skilled persons will be created that can help the generations to come. This is an excellent way how we can improve our modern society and help others who have difficulties in adapting to the new ways of life. Every human being deserves an opportunity to be normal.