We all know that we as a species are the social kind. Each man feels the need to socialize with other members of the society. We can be strong on our own but our real strength is in numbers. We feel the natural urge to live an associated life and belong somewhere. Being a part of something greater than ourselves gives us the sense of greatness and makes us stronger and better.

Only when we are a part of something is that we tend to give our best in order to achieve more. That is one of the most basic relations between the society and the individual. In terms of truth, the society cannot exist without the individual because it is made of a group of people who grew bigger with time. The truth is, the individual depends on society in terms of survival and the very existence.

Man can only develop properly only in society, it is what differs him from an animal and cultivates him, makes him civilized. The society has but one goal and that would be the promotion of a happy and good life for its individuals. The society should be creating and conditioning various opportunities that would help the individuals to develop their own individual personality and ensure harmony and prosperity.

They both depend on each other

When such terms exist, the individuals start their cooperation which leads to even better life eventually. That is how both the individual and the society evolve into something better and stronger. The healthier the individual is, the better the society will be. If the bond between the society and man is proper and it helps the man in numerous ways like it is supposed to, that help will be returned greatly.

Just like the society can give to a man, a man can give to the society indeed. Just remember people like Nikola Tesla who invented the electricity and took the world out of the dark and candlelights. So, both are truly connected and intertwined in so many ways that it is hard to understand. The only thing that actually matters to understand is that a man and the society are bound by a harmonious and intimate bond. Just like there is no perfect man, there is no perfect society either but that does not mean that we cannot strife for good.