This topic has been an object of interest since the beginning of the civilization and it is one of the most important topics of today studies all around the world. Scientist, various experts and specialist are all banging their heads in order to get the best possible answer which could shed some light on a question that has been bothering them.

They want to answer how exactly one culture can affect our modern society. We know for sure that culture is a part of society, it is what makes society what it is or what we know society is. It is a part of our lives and culture defines one nation as it is. Also, the combination of one culture and society that it belongs to is what makes one country and nation that resides in that country.

The ethnicity and culture make one people belong to a certain region. When you have ethnicity and culture, you get society. Now let us dwell deeper into the subject and try to define what culture actually is. Culture is a set of customs and beliefs that belong to a particular society. The society is a group of people that share the same place of residing at the same time.

These people have a certain innate behavior, or if you prefer, they tend to behave or conduct themselves according to the customs, beliefs, and region they live in. You cannot find two people that are completely the same in this world, not a chance.

Culture is what defines society

So, it is a culture of each people that makes it unique. With this in mind, it is safe to say that culture is what makes one nation unique. If you see things globally, a culture and a sense of society are what make us human. It is our way of life, thinking and believing that makes us what we are. So a culture defines one society in its very form.

There are some notions that literature, culture and society are all intertwined. In fact, literature helps us to understand the connection between these two. It is all in attempt to reconnect the studies from all three fields and realize the importance that comes from it. It can provide a real and critical overview of theoretical approaches that are dealing with exploring both culture and society. It is a fascinating study.